Who are you?

Hi! My name is Manda and I regularly blog about assorted things going on in my life at Mandarific and about music at Headphone Couture. I decided I wanted a dedicated place to blog about my experiences traveling in Romania, though, so I set up this blog. With any luck hopefully it will serve as a place to talk about other travels as well. While not traveling the world I live in Wisconsin in the United States, though I grew up in North Carolina. I also enrolled in school at the age of 29 and am currently working on my associates degree in marketing, which is super exciting. (For me, anyway.)

My first visit to Romania was in for three weeks in the fall of 2017, when my husband and I went for our honeymoon. I wanted to visit since I was a child, and it was such a wonderful experience that now I’ve made plans to spend the summer of 2018 exploring the country. Here on Postcards & Papanasi I hope to share my experiences both from my first trip, this summer, and any coming trips so that other people can learn more about what it is like to visit this amazing country and hopefully share in the antics I get up to while abroad.

What’s a papanasi?

Oh man, am I ever glad you asked. Papanasi is a Romanian dessert made of fried cheese doughnuts topped with fruit preserves and sour cream. It’s amazing, and it’s one of the first Romanian foods I ever learned to make. I chose it to represent my blog because, in addition to the great alliteration, it’s one of my favorite desserts and always a joy to make for other people, so in a way I am sharing some of that joy with you!